It’s crucial to have windows in your house, but they’re also one of the most vulnerable parts. Consequently, you must safeguard the windows to provide privacy and security. And window shutters Melbourne are the ideal option for all of these requirements.

If you’re considering window shutters but aren’t sure if it’s the right decision, here’s some information to reassure you. Window shutters provide several advantages over conventional window protections, such as blinds. Now is the time to begin.

1. Insulation provided by window shutters Melbourne

Because of the expected rise in energy expenses, it’s easy to neglect the need to properly insulate your home to keep out the cold air in winter and the sun’s burning heat in the summer. According to some estimates, you may save up to 20% of your energy use.

For shift workers, exterior window shutters Melbourne may block out a window, making them perfect. However, the best benefit is how effectively they can make your air conditioning and heating systems work. On a hot day, it’s not unusual to see a temperature drop of up to 10 degrees in your house. That’s even before you turn on the air conditioning!

According to all this research, you should first insulate your house from the exterior. There are a variety of ways to insulate yourself from noise, heat, and cold. Aluminium window shutters are an excellent way to keep your house warm in the winter. With a thick core of high-quality insulated foam, the aluminium curtain acts as a great buffer.

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2. Ideal for Security

If you’ve just been robbed, you’re more than likely to inquire about window shutters in Melbourne. Having your house and possessions vulnerable to an invader is a terrible experience.

Using aluminum window shutters Melbourne is as effective as anything else. There is no guarantee that a thief can’t break into your home, but if they truly want to, they will. Thieves, on the other hand, tend to opt for the quickest route to a random residence. Many of our customers in Melbourne choose to have window shutters on the front windows facing the street. Those who have a double-story home and sleep upstairs receive the downstairs rooms or simply their children’s room.

If you often travel and leave your property unattended for long periods, aluminium window shutters in Melbourne are great. As a bonus, they’re great for Melbourne vacation houses that are closed up for the winter. They serve both as a deterrent and as a kind of protection.

3. But can I get out if there is a fire?

Yes, that’s the quick answer. There was a way for a firefighter to get in if they wanted to. Every window in the home should be covered with roller shutters, but this is very uncommon. If you’re concerned about noise, security, or weather, installing these shutters on just the most vulnerable windows is a good idea.

At SecureTec, we also have a noise-activated sensor connected to it. However, this sensor is completely wireless and not linked to the main power supply. The sound of your fire alarm activates it, and the shutters open automatically.

Solar power is the sole option for solar-powered window shutters Melbourne. For example, if the mains power it, but the power goes out during a fire, it won’t activate the fire alarm. To protect against fire, the solar-powered motorized roller shutter is perfect.

4. Shift workers need complete darkness

As well as fully blocking out light, roller shutters reduce noise, making them perfect for shift workers. People who sleep less than seven hours a night are at greater risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for shift workers since they don’t have the luxury of choosing when they go to bed and get up. If you want to get a good night’s rest, you need to invest in the necessary support.

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5. Motorisation or manual?

Our 12volt battery-powered and solar-powered versions are the most popular options for customers who can employ a motorized alternative. No electrician is required, and if you’re renting, you can remove it and bring it with you when you move. In the event of an outage, battery- or solar-powered window shutters will not be impacted.

The motorization of the window shutters Melbourne allows you to operate them from anywhere in your house using a remote control.

6. Bushfire-rated window shutters Melbourne

Excessive heat may cause a building’s windows to shatter, resulting in valuables and property loss. As soon as windows are damaged, the fire may enter your house and swiftly spread throughout your property, causing your curtains and other belongings to catch fire. For the sake of your family’s safety, you should install fire-rated shutters on your windows and doors. As a result, there is a huge reduction in the chance of the structure burning down.

By suppressing heat by up to 90%, our bushfire-compliant shutters help to reduce the risk of windows bursting. In the event of a fire in Melbourne, our bushfire window shutters will protect your property from intruding debris and flammable materials.

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Your property will benefit from a high-quality pair of shutters in more ways than one. They may help you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as protect it from severe weather. Our broad range window shutters are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We can also customized the shutters according to your requirements. 

For full-featured window shutters Melbourne, Securetec Roller Shutters is a trusted brand. Call us immediately at 0424 474 982 if you have any questions regarding our shutters! 

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