How Much Do You Know about Shutters Melbourne?

Look no further than plantation shutters if there’s one window treatment to reign supreme. Find out from what plantation shutters are made, mostly, what timber is most appropriate for the application and her thoughts on the inexpensive v quality plantation Shutters Melbourne.

What are shutters for plantations?

A Plantation Shutters Melbourne was usually a shutter make from plantation-grown timbers. It seems to be a common term for all timber shutters these days. Above all, many timber shutters, however, are still make of wood grown from forests, such as ours.

What are shutters for plantations made of?

Many trees, including Poplar, Basswood, Phoenix wood and Western Red Cedar, are make from timber shutters. Many other components, including titanium, PVC and MDF, are also use to make shutters Melbourne.

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Bass wood is stable and does not warp, making it a perfect choice for timber for shutters, being one of the straightest of hardwoods. Similarly, it has tight pores with an indistinct grain and a subtle, uniform finish. This ensures that it can be sand to a very smooth and consistent, high-quality surface, and paint or stain.


Poplar is an exceptionally thick hardwood and is also ideal for shutters for plantations. The wood takes paint or dye very well, resulting in a flawless finish for timber blades. It is an extremely stable wood as well. It is highly resistant to expanding and contracting in severe temperatures, require in 1 day for the popular four seasons of Melbourne

Shutters with PVC:

Therefore, you can prefer PVC shutters, which are cheaper than wood shutters if you have got a low shutter budget. Vinyl can tolerate scratches, moisture, wet weather and water, and is durable. PVC shutters are lightweight, so dividing rails are require for more expansive windows to help provide the material with additional structure. Better suit to narrower openings.

Shutters of aluminium:

However, aluminium is a substance that is relatively solid and suitable for outdoor use. Aluminium shutters Melbourne look much like timber shutters, except for protection, they may have locks attach. They are a very robust alternative.

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