So, a statement glass splashback will lift and create the style in any kitchen. As a matter of fact, there are many excellent materials, designs and colours to choose from. And that is why it is super easy to create that wow factor without going overboard.

So, you can go bold with a blast of vibrant colours or either a subtly texture with the pattern. The stone used as kitchen benchtops can also be used as splashbacks. And stainless steel is an excellent look for an industrial touch if that is what you are going for in your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks

A glass splashback is used in a vast array of colours. In fact, it really depends on what the homeowners are interested in. There are plenty of popular neutral shades. But using colours like red and black will create a dramatic effect in the kitchen.

Tile Splashbacks

These can be used as decoratives and can transform a splashback into a focal point. As a matter of fact, many homes, while using tiles as the splashback will add colour and patterns to the kitchen. If you are having a budget issue, you can simply use your feature wall in a small dose.

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Glass splashback

Mirrored splashbacks

A mirrored glass splashback will bring in more natural light as it will bounce light all over. It will also most definitely make space a bit larger and will reflect an outside view. By using a mirror splashback, it will enhance and create additional glamour to the room

Metaline splashbacks

This creates a shiny bright effect by using Lamniex products. Metaline is made with aluminium and has a fire retardant PE core. It is also durable, versatile, and it has a vast array of colours, patterns and designs to choose from.

Tips for choosing splashbacks:

  • Choose your benchtop and match your splashback from it.
  • Suppose you are going for a modern kitchen feel. In that case, you should choose a show-stopping splashback as it will add another extra dimension, and it will prevent the space from looking too sterile.

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