The Construction Process of Home Builders Wantirna

The construction process of home builders Wantirna:

Make a financial investment in your future, your family, your comfort, and the lifestyle you want to live by investing in yourself. When it comes to building your future house, don’t settle for anything safe, conventional, and ordinary. Instead, work with our custom Home Builders Wantirna to create a statement about your style.

With the Design and Construct Service offer by UNIK Constructions, you have full control over the home-building experience from start to finish. Our high-end house builders will design your new home around your wants, ambitions, and unique sense of luxury, rather than relying on a pre-design layout.

Instead, we work with you to integrate your new house ideas with your plot of land and the surrounding area. Our bespoke design and construction business can also include the local. Worldwide design trends that you like into your project, thanks to total industry expertise of more than ten years in our team. Custom Home Builders Wantirna will synthesize everything, from the grandest concepts to the most minute details, to conceptualize and construct your ideal residence. For a no-obligation consultation, contact our team now to get the process started.

Custom Design & Build may be accomplished in three simple stages.

While we understand that designing and building a custom home can seem overwhelming. We also understand that your initial enthusiasm and creative desire can quickly be temper by market noise. The numerous regulations and government agencies you may be required to deal with, not to mention the wide range of service providers and the large number of decisions you must make. This may be a difficult and perplexing situation.

That is not constantly the case; in fact, it may be one of the most gratifying things you accomplish in your lifetime. We develop a methodology that will assist you in cutting through the noise and complexity to build and customize your Aspire project straightforwardly and logically.

Step No. 1:

To schedule your obligation-free site inspection and design consultation, first, choose a time that works for you.

Step No. 2:

We will cooperate with you to fully understand your unique goals and needs.

Step No. 3:

We will assess your specific requirements and ambitions about the feasibility of constructing your property.

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The construction process of home builders Wantirna

An outline of the process of building your Dreamhouse


Excavation of the building site is the first step in The construction process of home builders Wantirna. The location of your house on the property has been staking out and the ground has been preparing for the foundation. A slab, block or pour wall foundation may be used in the construction of your new home’s foundation, depending on the area in which it is located.

Block construction:

The forms for the new house are being put up, and the contour of the new structure is beginning to take shape. Subterranean plumbing has been built and is connected to the municipal sewage system. It is necessary to do some preliminary work before pouring the slab, which serves as the foundation for your house.

Concrete block wall construction:

The foundation of your new house is built by laying concrete blocks. Once the foundation is in place, waterproofing is done, and the garage slab is preparing and place on top of it.

Poured wall foundation:

Concrete is poured into foundation form panels to create a wall foundation structure. Once the concrete has hardened, the waterproofing of the foundation and the installation of drain tile pipes may begin. Subterranean plumbing has been built and is connected to the municipal sewage system. Following that, the concrete slab for your basement and garage is poured, and the concrete floors are completed.


The framing stage is the stage in which things truly begin to take form. After this stage, many homeowners believe that their house is almost finished. Indeed, we’re just approximately a third way through the building process!

As a result, although the stages after this one may seem to be moving more slowly. This is just because we are getting into the small elements that may not be immediately seen but are critical to the final product.

The framing phase consists of the construction of the subfloor, walls, and roof framework, as well as the shingling of the roof. Units for windows and doors have been fitted.

PHASE 3: Rough Mechanics is the third phase of the project.

The phrase “rough mechanics” refers to the mechanical components of a structure, which include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. During this stage of construction, there is a flurry of activity as plumbing and indoor sewer pipes, your furnace and ducts, as well as electric wiring, outlets, and switches, are all placed and connected.

Insulation is being placed in the walls, and drywall is being staged in each room in preparation for future assembly. Utility facilities such as water, gas, and electricity are also linked to your house. A pre-drywall review with you will take place towards the conclusion of this phase, according to the Builder. This review provides a chance to go over the work that has already been performed on your house as well as the work that will be undertaken in the next three stages.

The construction process of home builders Wantirna


The drywall phase of a house building project progresses at a rather rapid pace. You will be able to see the visual impact of each area since the rooms have been split and segregate. The drywall has been installing and completed, and the ceilings have been insulating. The outside brick, stone, and siding are placed, and the ground around your house is grade to provide proper drainage. To prepare the ground for the driveway, patios, walkways, and other features.


The interior finishing phase is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating stages of The construction process of home builders Wantirna. Many of the choices you made at your Drees Design Center will come to life in front of your eyes. Cabinetry, worktops, mirrors, medicine cabinets, internal doors and mouldings, stair rails. A variety of other specific elements are installing at this time by the Builder.

It is next necessary to put in place the visible parts of the rough mechanical, such as the plumbing hardware (faucets, showerheads, commodes, and so on). Installing switch plates, plug covers. And light fixtures is the last step. As is installing your thermostat, outside air/heat pump unit, as well as register and return air covers.


Construction work on your house begins during this phase. At which time kitchen appliances and flooring (such as ceramic tile or hardwood) are placed. As well as image the inside and outside of your home. The carpeting will be installed later in the phase, after which the finished grading, seeding or sodding will be completed.

Finishing touches, such as washing the windows, flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, and so on, are applied at this point. To guarantee that your new house is built in line with your unique architectural design. An internal quality assurance check is performed. If everything goes well during your Homeowner Orientation and Closing, you will be ready to move in!

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