At Unik Construction, we believe that everyone deserves to live in the highest quality residence. Your home is your castle, where you and your loved ones enjoy living in peace. So, we have to construct your ideal home flawlessly so that you can live happily for years to come. With years of expertise in residential, commercial, and luxury construction. We have established ourselves as your top choice for constructing your dream home.

Mr Pratheepan Saravanapavan, the company’s director, established Unik Constructions in 2014 to develop “dream homes” for all customers. Pratheep has over 15 years of construction expertise. And has supervised over 600 projects ranging from townhouses, units, apartments, and luxury complexes. With his immense passion and leadership, he currently constructs residential projects. Ranging from dual occupancy to multi-unit construction, renovations, and commercial projects.

The Benefits of Unik Construction: Residential, Commercial, and Luxury Constructions

According to IBISWorld, the Australian house construction market is worth $67.1 billion. So, it’s obvious that the industry is in great demand, and we’re here to help. That is why, at Unik, we construct a variety of residential and commercial projects for maximum client satisfaction. We construct locally, and many of our projects are close to one another, increasing service delivery efficiency.

Our Approach

  • Increasing our client base and the industries in which we operate
  • Emphasize organic and long-term growth
  • Improve internal cooperation to bring all of our talents and experience together
  • Provide an efficient service while retaining quality
  • Our workforce’s empowerment

And here are some of the factors that keep us on top of the construction industry:

Unik Constructions

we believe that everyone deserves to live in the highest quality residence

1) Total Flexibility

We accommodate our clients’ needs and enable them to personalize their homes to their preferences. We are flexible because we invite you to choose the colours of your liking for house elements, such as tiles, paint, carpets, and timber floors, at each project stage.

2) Well Known Brands

High-quality products from well-known Australian brands. Such as Gainsborough, Colorbond, Brivis, Dux, Bristol, Bellissimo Kitchen Appliances, and Haymes are included in our standard selection. And this is done to guarantee that you get long-lasting, high-quality products that come with a warranty. We prioritize quality over quantity. So, we could only work on six construction projects at a time.

Our subcontractors are appropriately licensed and insured to finish excellent work on your home. We exclusively use local subcontractors that have a good reputation for providing excellent service.

3) Efficiency

We have a quick turnaround time from project conception to completion. And execute projects on schedule and under budget while adhering to industry standards. We will meet you in person and show you around our latest projects.

Unik excels at providing a custom-tailored service to suit your requirements. And expectations, where we work with you one-on-one from project conception to completion. At Unik, we believe in constructing with passion, which is reflected in the creativity of our projects.

Unik Construction: We Provide Personalised Construction Services in Victoria

Unik understands that a construction business must provide a complete range of services. To save customers’ time and money in the long run. We provide a comprehensive service for the peace of mind of all parties involved, from residential construction to luxury construction and home restorations.

Contact Unik Constructions for Residential

We are your one-stop solution for home renovations and new construction.

Among our custom building services are:

1) Residential Construction

Unik has a diverse portfolio of residential projects that range from big residential complexes to high-spec design and build projects. We are dedicated to providing the same excellent level of care. And considering what we would expect in our own home, regardless of the scale of the job.

We work on residential construction projects and can help you with the design process, from selecting the appropriate architect. And engineers to constructing your ideal house to precise standards. In this service category, we build the following:

  • Units
  • Apartments
  • Renovation
  • Villani
  • Development of Multiple Units
  • Townhouses
  • House

2) Commercial Construction

We appreciate the increasing demand for cost-effective commercial and public-sector building services without sacrificing quality. We uphold the highest quality standards in all of our projects. And specialize in executing public sector developments such as full-basement car parks, shops, and healthcare facilities.

Our team carefully plans and oversees each step of commercial construction projects. Ensuring that we remain on track, on time, and under budget for our clients. We maintain open communication and remain objective. And our reputation for outstanding performance has earned us the confidence of many councils and public sector organizations throughout Victoria.

Unik Construction

The following services are available from us:

  • Design & construction assignments
  • House
  • Villani
  • Multi-Unit Development 
  • Dual Occupancy
  • Concrete panel construction
  • New office buildings

3) High-End Constructions

We can build you more than just a house; we can build you the ultimate luxury home. When we build a luxury home, we envision what it would be like to live in it. We take care of every detail so that when you settle in, everything is perfect. We are proud of the residences we create because they are individually planned. Built to the utmost standards, and we want you to be as well.

The moment has arrived for you to achieve your goal of having a luxury home. We will assist you in developing your dream home by assisting you with all aspects of the planning, design, and building processes. And this is the journey to creating your ideal home, and we know how personal it is.

4) Renovations

Our network of construction designers, drafting technicians, engineers, and interior décor consultants are here to help you. To make your home renovation dreams a reality.

Contact Unik Construction for Residential, Commercial, and Luxury Construction

We are your one-stop solution for home renovations and new construction. Please get in touch with us to arrange a consultation with an expert. We can help you with any local regulations that may apply to your project. Serve as your central point of responsibility throughout the construction or renovation process.

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