The Advantages of Using Glass Shower Screens Melbourne

Is it time to substitute your old shower screen with something fresh and different? Despite the fact that glass shower screens Melbourne hase been in use since the invention of toughen, shatterproof glass, there were just a few different designs to select from in the past. They were simple screens that were intend to let light into the shower while keeping water from leaving the shower enclosure from the outside. Since its introduction, shower screens have advance significantly, and there are even more advantages to using glass shower screens now than there were in the past.

Allow me to show you some of the most recent glass shower screens. It was when manufacturers discover a method to create frameless and semi-frame shower enclosures that one of the most significant transformations occur. These, in combination with transparent glass panels and doors, usher in a new era of bathroom design innovation.

Shower Glasses Come in a Variety of Styles

The drawback of clear glass panels is that they do not provide a feeling of seclusion to the user. The fact that the glass panels take up the majority of the space on any kind of shower screen means that selecting the appropriate type of shower glass becomes a critical issue when designing your bathroom. These are just a few cases of the many kinds of shower glass that are now available: Glass with a smooth

  • Shower glass that has been tint may give a splash of color and flair to a bathroom without making the space seem more compact.
  • Antique glass is ideal for classic bathrooms because of its warmth and elegance.
  • Etch glass panels are similar to practical works of art in their appearance.

These few examples illustrate how much creativity can be include into the design of today’s glass shower screens Melbourne. The second choice you will have to make is whether you want a frame, semi-frameless, or frameless glass shower screen.

This will mostly be a question of personal choice for the majority of people. In recent years, frameless shower screens have gain in popularity; however, frame shower screens are making a return, owing to the numerous different designs and colors that are now available.

Last but not least, you will have to choose a shower door. This, too, will be mainly determine by your own preferences, but the amount of available space and the layout of your shower will play a role as well.

If you are working within the confines of your available space and financial constraints, there are so many different types of glass shower screens to select from that you are sure to find one that is ideal for your area. If you need further assistance, you may consult with a shower screen expert in your region.

Shower Screens Melbourne

The size of the shower screen depends on the quality of the bathroom and the amount of shower space needed.

Install a Shower Screen in Your Bathroom

Because they make a tiny bathroom seem larger, frameless shower screens are excellent for small bathrooms. They also provide the impression of being in a luxury hotel. Highgrove Glass provide the shower screen for this bathroom, which was specially built to fit the 900 by 900mm recess, which was somewhat bigger than their usual size.

The shower was built without a tray in order to maintain a streamline appearance in the tiny bathroom. The shower door may be open both inwards and outwards, which is a convenient feature in such a little area as the bathroom.

To construct the shower recess, an aluminum angle was place before tiling was complete, and a mortar bed was pouring to create a slope. The tiles were place first, and then the glass panels were put above the angle to hide the inclination.

Using A Frameless Shower Screen in Your Bathroom Provides a Number of Advantages

Changing the finishes of a vintage bathroom is one method to give it a new lease on life. Modernizing your vanity, installing new curtains, or adding contemporary bathroom accessories are all very cheap ways to breathe new lifetime into an otherwise boring bathroom.

It may be preferable, though, to consider updating your faucets or shower finishes in order to create a more modern bathroom design. As experts in frameless shower screens in Geelong, we can guarantee you that it is a beautiful and practical design choice for your home. Contact us now to learn more.

Cleaning Made Simple by Not Using Frames

Frame doors are more difficult to clean due to the ease with which dirt may get caught, blocking up the area between the door, the frames, and even the hinges. If shower curtains and frames are not clean on a regular basis and properly.

They may encourage the development of mold and germs. Lighter cleaning and a quick wash down with disinfectant are all that are require for a frameless shower screen to keep this from happening.

Increase lighting helps make your bathroom more inviting

Natural light has the ability to immediately alter any area and enhance the overall atmosphere of a space without the need of artificial lighting. Shower screens will increase the amount of light that enters your bathroom and help to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Because of the additional weight that traditional frame shower screens bring to a space, they may seem force and heavy. Bathrooms should be a home of peace and gentleness, not force and heavy.

Frames that are less expensive than traditional frames

The benefit of putting a frameless shower screen over a traditional shower screen is that it will be less expensive over time. This is owing to the fact that there are fewer hinges or brackets to repair as a consequence of wear or corrosion. When expose to water, traditional frames tend to get gunky and water-damage, which is neither a pleasing appearance nor a pleasant task to clean them.

It also adds an exquisite touch to the space. Frameless shower screens Melbourne, with their sleek design and contemporary appeal, may also add value to your house by making it more attractive to prospective purchasers. Shower screens without frames are also very durable, since they do not need the support of a frame.

Simple Guidance for You in Shower Screens Melbourne

Frameless shower screens Melbourne ordinarily make a washroom look more current.


Showers come in a variety of forms and sizes, so making a choice is not as straightforward as you would assume. Continue reading if you need assistance. We go through the compensations and disadvantages of frameless shower screens, as well as why they are a good choice for you.

They Convey a Sense of Space

A frameless shower creates a sense of movement while also conveying a sense of spaciousness. Your vision will not be hinder by any lines in the background. An additional benefit is that you will be able to include a shower feature wall into your design. As a consequence, your bathroom may be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Advantage: It is simple to clean.

Showers with frames may be effective in many houses, but a frameless shower screen offers a number of unrespect advantages. The next time you’re scrubbing soap scum and mildew out of the space between your frame and glass, consider how much less work you’d have to do if the window didn’t have a frame at all.

Advantage: It is visually appealing and clean-looking.

When you initially install frame shower boxes, they may seem clean, tidy, and beautiful, but this does not necessarily remain the case for the duration of the installation. Those shower designs feature seals that keep water out, as well as a metal structure that holds everything together.

Mildew may develop on the seals over time. Which can not only be an unsightly, but it can also be difficult to remove completely. If it begins to develop in an area where you are unable to access it. It is unlikely that it will ever be remove. When you initially construct your shower, metal framing may be a beautiful addition. However, when expose to constant dampness, it is susceptible to rust.

It has the potential to shatter

Shower screens, like other glass items, have the potential to shatter. However, the vast majority of the time. When this happens, it is because the client did not choose the most qualify individual. Or business for the installation job in question. When choosing a crew to install your new shower screen. Be sure they have plenty of expertise. It should also be made of temper glass, which is less hazardous to the person who will be using it.

Frameless glass shower screens are going to be suitable for a wide range of individuals. Even those who did not think they would suit them would find that they did. They are simpler to clean and maintain. They provide a feeling of space, and they are also aesthetically pleasing.

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