In contrast to fully framed doors, heavy glass shower screen Melbourne are constructed of 3/8″ and 1/2″ glass, rather than the standard 5/16″ or 1/4″ glass seen on fully framed doors. There are several advantages to installing a solid glass shower screen in your bathroom. Continue reading for a list of the top five benefits of installing a heavy glass screen.

1. There is no frame in heavy shower screen Melbourne

Melbourne shower screens made of heavy glass are also known as frameless shower screens. Since the glass is so heavy, it is unnecessary to use wall jambs and headers, which would impede the view. Instead, hinges and clamps are used that are far less intrusive. In this way, the shower seems more open, with a clear view into the area, allowing the room’s natural beauty to come through.

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2. Allow for the free movement of light

The bathroom is one of those places where the flow of light is quite crucial while going about your day. Bathing in the dark might make locating the shampoo, soap, and razors more challenging. Natural and artificial light may both enter and exit the room via a shower screen Melbourne, which can increase vision.

3. A sturdier overall impression

This one should be self-explanatory. Because of the nature of the glass weight, heavy glass shower screen Melbourne have a far more substantial feel than 5/16″ and 1/4″ glass. When you handle the screen with the additional weight, you can really feel the difference in your hands. This feature elevates the door’s appearance and makes it seem more upscale and opulent.

4. It is less difficult to clean

Generally speaking, cleaning the bathroom is not a favored activity, with showers and bathtubs being incredibly time-consuming. To clean the floor and walls of a shower with a shower screen Melbourne, you may squeegee the door and usually go in and out with ease.

Heavy glass shower screens, as compared to framed and semi-framed shower screens, have fewer fittings all around. And this makes them less intrusive during cleaning. A large portion of the metal has been removed from the door, making it simpler to reach and clean the window glass.

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5. More Customization

Heavy glass shower screen Melbourne are well-known for being tailored to meet your specific requirements. Frameless shower doors are available in various opening widths and heights, allowing you to choose the door that will complement your space.

6. It has the effect of making a room seem more significant

When used in conjunction with framed shower screens, shower curtains and framed shower screens may create the illusion of a smaller area than what is really there. A thick glass frameless shower screen Melbourne may make a small bathroom seem much larger by creating an openness and airiness that is lacking when a curtain or a more framed design creates the illusion of space.

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