Sliding Glass Doors: The doors you select for your residence can offer a lot of visual charm. Most of us don’t bother changing the doors and keep them as they were when we initially bought our home. You’ll want to consider a door upgrade, whether French doors or sliding glass doors, sooner or later to add a bit of personal flair and better functionality. And the upgrade can also strengthen your home’s security to a greater extent

A new door is like breathing new life into your home. These doors are much more fascinating since they link your property’s interior and outdoor areas. So function and features need careful consideration.

French Doors vs. Sliding Glass Doors Structure

Sliding doors often have two components: a fixed panel and a sliding panel — two framed glass panels. One of which is placed on rollers for smooth opening and shutting. Because most of them are glass-formed, reputable door manufacturers build them to provide a more smooth transition between the inside and outside. And this improves the impression that it’s one continuous area.

On the other hand

French doors are the more conventional types of doors seen in houses, with big, broad frames that contain smaller bevelled glass panels. A French door is made up of two equal panels that swing open, often outwards. Because the two doors are often identical, they are frequently flanked by two extra glass sidelight panels to let more light in and give a more open atmosphere.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors often have two components

Materials used in French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to French or sliding doors, the two most popular materials are aluminium and oak. Timber needs regular care and may be aesthetically improved by simply staining or sealing with a natural finish or painting a contrasting color inside and out. But because of the porosity of wood as a natural material, it will deteriorate over time. Therefore, it will not last as long as aluminium. Because timber is more thermally efficient than aluminum, it could keep your property a bit warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

In many ways, Aluminum is the polar opposite. At the same time, while modernizing a home, it may still look visually appealing. It cannot compete with the versatility of color options (inside or out) or thermal characteristics. But aluminum provides a cost-effective option since it is less costly than timber initially and needs little to no maintenance in the future, making it a wonderful “no fuss” answer to our hectic lives.

Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing Between French and Sliding Glass Doors

Let’s take a look at the major distinctions between French doors and sliding doors, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of French Doors


  • Improved ventilation: Because both doors open, a significantly larger area is created, enabling more airflow around your home on warm days.
  • Aesthetically appealing: French doors tend to follow the original design of classic houses such as California bungalows, Victorians, or Edwardians.
  • Wider doorway: French doors feature a considerably larger entryway, which is excellent for ventilation and transporting big things in and out of your property.
  • Design versatility: French doors can be classic, colonial, sleek, or contemporary using various materials and glass treatments.
  • Insect screens: Retractable insect screens can go on French doors to keep pests out while maintaining visual access to your outside area.


  • Swing space: Because they swing open inwards or outwards, the doors may intrude on pathways and restrict where furniture and other items can go.
  • Maintenance concerns: French doors are hefty and have numerous moving components, which require frequent maintenance of hinges, flush bolts, and locks for smooth functioning.
  • Less viewing area: Because of the wide frames of French doors. The glass panels are narrower, obscuring your views.

Sliding Glass Doors Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Excellent aesthetics: Sliding doors are a practical option that looks good in virtually any contemporary or classic home.
  • Room-saving design: Because of their inline design, sliding doors take up a lot less space.
  • More viewing area: Less frame and more glass, especially in aluminum designs, results in less visual disruption and allows more light.
  • Affordable prices: Glass sliding doors are less costly to produce. Install than French doors because they have fewer moving parts, bigger frames, and glass panels.

Disadvantages: :

  • Maintenance: Because the rollers and tracks may collect dust and grit, they must be brushed and vacuumed regularly. And the bigger glass panels of sliding doors may need more frequent cleaning of handprints!
  • Adding security sacrifices aesthetics: in some cases, making sliding doors even safer may require the installation of bulky exterior anti-lift locks, inside deadbolts, or expensive dark and heavy security screen doors.
  • The entry area is restricted: Because you have a fixed panel, your opening is usually half that of French doors, limiting the total usefulness of the entryway.

French Doors versus Glass Sliding Doors Summary

While choosing between glass sliding doors and French doors may be challenging. We hope that this post has made it a lot simpler for you. And we hope that you can make the right choice now.

French Doors vs Glass Sliding Doors

French doors can give your home a distinctive look while also providing ventilation and access space. But they can be difficult to maintain, particularly over extended periods. Glass sliding doors, on the other hand, are easier to manage and less expensive, conserving space and keeping you engaged with your outside area. But they have a smaller entryway.

If you still have difficulty choosing, please get in touch with Inferno Glass. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have about door replacements or assist you with the door that’s best for your requirements.

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