Are you planning a long weekend or a holiday and need Melbourne airport parking? When traveling for three days or longer, consider long-term parking as a handy and cost-effective option. And those departing from Tullamarine will find plenty of parking options. There are several choices for long-term parking at Melbourne Airport. Choose the one that’s most suitable for you.

You have the option of parking in a high-end covered garage where your car is protected from the sun and rain, or you may park for less in an open-air, low-cost garage. In addition to vehicle parks conveniently located near the terminals, there are also car parks that provide free shuttle service from their lots to the airport’s departures area.

How much is long-term parking at Melbourne Airport?

Melbourne airport’s long-term car parking costs vary depending on the kind of service, closeness to the airport building, stay duration, season (peak vs. non-peak), capacity, and competition. Long-term parking at Melbourne’s airport will cost you more since it’s more convenient. For example, one day in the Long Term or Value Car Park costs $25.00, three days cost $69.00, and a week costs $109.00. Because these are low-cost parking choices, you’ll have to use a shuttle bus to go to your station.

The Premium T123, Premium T4, and Business Vehicle Parks are all within walking distance of the airport if you want to leave your car there. Premium T123 costs $77.00 for one day and $369.00 for seven. Premium T4 is somewhat less expensive, costing $61.00 instead of $257.00. Business parking costs $72.00 the first day and $432.00 the first week, with discounts available for long-term use.

Off-site Melbourne airport car parking lots like Jetway Airport Parking provide lower prices. A 24-hour stay costs $17.00; a 3-day stay costs $30.00; and a weeklong stay costs $60.00. They are privately owned and operated, and most provide higher levels of service and security for less money than the airport charges.

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Do You Need to Book Parking at Melbourne Airport?

No, that is not a must. You can pay drive-in rates at the Long Term Parking or Value Parking (only during holiday seasons) on the day of your trip. You can drive into some off-site parking lots near Tullamarine, but it’s best to pre-book them online.

Booking ahead of time is highly advisable since it ensures that you will have a place. When demand is high, long-term parking at Melbourne’s airport may and will sell out. Reserving a spot in advance can save you time and aggravation whether you’re travelling over the weekend, during school holidays, or during the Christmas season. It’s aggravating when you spend twenty-thirty minutes driving around seeking a place near the airport only to be forced to withdraw to somewhere much farther away. The less expensive and closer parking lots tend to sell out first.

Is it Cheaper to Book Melbourne Airport Parking Online?

You can save money on parking by making a reservation online. If you’re fed up with paying ridiculously high prices for long-term Melbourne airport parking, look around before you go. Finding long-term parking at Melbourne Airport is comparable to looking for flight tickets or reserving a hotel stay. You’ll get a better price by shopping around online and comparing other parking companies’ offerings.

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Jetway Airport Car Park Selection Tips

  • To get started, consider how close you want to be to the airport. The closer the parking is near the terminals, the more costly it is, and vice versa. The more expensive a parking lot’s charges are, the closer it is to the airport.
  • Due to the long distances, most off-site parking lots around Melbourne Airport provide free shuttle services to and from the airport terminals. To some extent, this makes them more affordable. However, you must take into account the extra time necessary for the trip.
  • Ensure that the off-site Melbourne airport car parking lot is well-protected with CCTV cameras and tall fences.
  • Check out online reviews to see what other people have to say. Using these tools will help you gauge the parking facility’s dependability and the employees’ reliability.
  • Compare prices to get the best deal. In general, parking lots get less expensive the longer you keep your vehicle there. Keep an eye out for specials and freebies since many companies have the same price structure.
  • If you’re going away for an extended period, the extra expense of indoor parking may be well worth it since your car will be shielded from the weather.

Melbourne airport’s car parks

Even though the Melbourne Airport has a slew of parking options, not all accept long-term reservations. Long Term Car Parks, Value Car Parks, Premium Car Parks, and Business Car Parks are some of the airport’s many parking options. There are also valet services available. These parking lots provide long-term rates based on a sliding scale and are paid on a calendar day rather than an hourly basis. Daily rates for a fortnightly stay are often cheaper than those for a three-day parking period.

Because not all of these parking lots provide service to all terminals, be sure to double-check where the parking lot is located and where your flight is scheduled to depart. Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4 flights may use the Long Term Car Park, while aircraft leaving from the Jetstar Terminal will need to use the At Terminal T1 T2 T3 Car Park.

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